Perfect for...

  • Weddings

    A banner with the wedded couple's initials is a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Logos or images can also be incorporated so that the banner is extra special for your big day. The bride and groom, along with their wedding party, and guests will have a blast posing on the red carpet against the banner, celebrity style!
  • Birthdays

    Add Hollywood flair to any birthday party. The celebrant can greet each of their guests with a photo op against a custom made banner. Print the photos and send them as thank you cards to your guests.
  • Proms

    Couples or groups of friends love to get dressed up and have their pictures taken. Spice up your prom with a banner that includes your prom theme. You can include the school's logo, the date of the event, and much more.
  • Graduations

    Graduation is a milestone event that you will remember forever. Use a step and repeat banner as the backdrop for photos taken at your graduation party. The banner can be customized with the graduates name and initials, and the year they graduated.
  • House Parties

    Take pictures of all your guests in front of the step and repeat backdrop. Post your pictures online or make a photo album to share with your friends later!
  • Grand Openings

    Whether you are a small retail store, or a large corporation, make your grand opening official with a step and repeat backdrop! Take photos of your guests in front of the backdrop and post the photos onto your website or place the photos on your office wall to remember the “grand opening” of your business. This is also an ideal way to advertise your new company logo, or launch a new product.
  • Charity Events

    The step and repeat banner can have your charity's logo. People who donate toward your charity will have their picture taken in front of the backdrop. This makes your charity event professional while making your donators feel extra special for helping a good cause.
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